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Disclaimer and Cautionary Note
Please be sure to fully and adequately test water from any natural (aka wild) spring before you make the decision to ingest it; the quality of water found at wild springs will vary greatly, and many may contain levels of coliform bacteria that would be considered to be in excess of guidelines in your region for drinking water, and some may even contain harmful organisms such as giardia or harmful varieties of e. coli, etc. You bear the sole responsibility for deciding whether or not to drink water from any spring or other wild natural source. This website is offered simply as resource to provide some additional information on some natural wild springs that have come to my attention, and/or that I have visited personally, and the listing or mention of a spring or other natural water source on this website does not imply that the water is safe to drink, and rather, you alone bear the responsibility for deciding whether or not to ingest water from any of these springs, or whether to allow family members, pets or livestock drink such water. Further, while I do choose to drink the water from some of the springs that I have listed on this site, and while I may mention that fact at times, that does not imply that it is necessarily safe for you to ingest the same water, as individuals vary greatly in terms of their hardiness, level of health, level of immune function, and resistance to disease.

The creator of this website and any and all other persons involved in the setup and maintenance of the website take no responsibility for any outcomes associated with anyone's use of the water from any of the springs listed on this website.

This material is offered solely for educational purposes.  The reader understands that the authors are not engaged in rendering nutritional or medical advice or services.  The site owner and authors provide any educational information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that people act on it at  their own risk and with full knowledge that they should consult with licensed primary care medical professionals for any medical assistance they may need.  The author of the material presented on this site is neither a medical nor a nutritional professional. 

The pages on wild springs and healing springs are offered as a public service only, as informational and educational webpages.  I have nothing to sell to you, and rather, these pages are simply offered out of love and appreciation for the many gifts of God/Being/Source with which we are blessed on this planet.  All information offered is simply reported to the best of my ability, and my opinions and preferences as stated on those pages remain my own.  If you choose to drink or use water from the springs mentioned, or from other wild springs, you do so only at your own risk and you take sole responsibility for your choices and your actions. I take no responsibility for any outcomes you or others may encounter from drinking or using water from this spring or other wild springs, nor from streams or creeks, etc.  If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of, or use of, water from any wild source (spring, stream, creek, lake, etc.) please consult with your licensed healthcare professional.

No claims are made for ability of any products presented or mentioned herein to prevent, heal or treat any disease state.

All information is presented for informational and educational purposes only. 

All links to third party sites are provided to you only as a convenience, and do not imply endorsement by the owner or author of this site, any affiliation with or endorsement by the owner of the linked site.  The owner and author of this site are not responsible for the content of any linked site or for any consequences of connecting with any links.

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